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Transforming Thoughts into Healing

Your Ultimate Mental Health Journaling Platform

Our unique features will help you on your journey to mental clarity and well-being, with a touch of technology, personalization, and style.

At the heart of Aluna Journal lies a minimalistic, intuitive journaling interface, enabling you to record your thoughts, experiences, and emotions with ease. Choose from a variety of journaling methods to suit your personal style.
Mood Tracking
Monitor your emotional fluctuations and identify patterns with our mood tracking feature. Visualize your emotions over time and gain a deeper understanding of the factors that influence your mental state.
Your thoughts and emotions are sacred, and we understand that. Aluna Journal uses AES-256 encryption and depersonalization to ensure your journal entries are private and secure.
Reminder Soon
Consistency is key when it comes to journaling. Our friendly reminders will keep you on track and motivate you to maintain your journaling habit, helping you build a routine that supports your mental well-being.
Cross-platform Soon
Aluna Journal is currently available on desktop, with mobile support for Android and iOS coming soon! Seamlessly access your journal across devices and never miss an opportunity to reflect and record your thoughts.
Custom Habits and Action Tracker Soon
Custom habits and action tracker empower you to create and monitor personalized habits that support your mental health journey. Track your progress and celebrate your accomplishments as you work towards a healthier, happier you.
Aluna Safespace Soon
Connect with others on a journey to self-improvement. Share your experiences, support one another, and learn from others as you navigate your mental health journey together. Engage in meaningful conversations and enjoy the benefits of a supportive and understanding network. Embrace the power of human connection and empathy as you grow and thrive in Aluna Safespace.
Insights & Analysis
Aluna combines personalized insights and in-depth analysis to help you uncover patterns, triggers, and opportunities for growth. By examining different aspects of your life, our system provides a comprehensive understanding of how these factors impact your emotional well-being and overall mental health.